FFF16 2-Minute Movie Contest Winners

FFF16dinosaur1The Fargo Film Festival congratulates Ning Cheng as the 2016 first place winner of the 2-Minute Movie Contest.

Cheng’s animated short “Dinosaur” was chosen by judges as the winning work from nearly fifty submitted movies. Cheng is a graduate of Cal Arts.

The second place movie, “Sport in the Land of Plenty,” is director Matt Reynolds’ surreal animation featuring music by Nacho Cano (a.k.a. Twin Cabins).

Third place went to Cassie Passantino’s “Flowers Can’t Talk.”

Thanks to all the moviemakers who shared their work for the showcase. The 2-Minute Movie Contest will return in 2017.

2-Minute Movie Contest at FFF16

The Fargo Film Festival is excited to announce the 2016 program of 2-Minute Movie Contest entries.


FFF16glore1The fun begins at 9:45 p.m. on Friday, March 18 at the Historic Fargo Theatre. Admission is two dollars and tickets are available at the door.

1976 (Aggressive)
20 Minutes of Kite Flying (Cy Kuckenbaker)
3:33 (Kathryn Garelli)
Animation Hotline (Dustin Grella)
Balls (Mimi Leung)
Blaze and Frankie (Reilly Myklebust and Jessi Schmit)
Bonjour Paris (Tyler Fairbank)
Boulderdash (Hanna Loegering)
Cage (Ning Cheng)
California Inspires Me: Kim Gordon (Freddy Arenas)
Cannibal Nuns (Eric Wicklund)
The Card Trick That Killed Logic’s Family (Aaron Crume)
Clementine (Shane Reetz)
CoCo Taxi (Janet Bayliss)
Cthupid (Giovanni Braggio)
Dinosaur (Ning Cheng)
Diorama (Iskander Krayenbosch)
Dog and Lobe: An Homage (Matt McGregor)
Ephemeral Passion (Daria Belikov)
Fine Line (Chris Parsons)
Flowers Can’t Talk (Cassie Passantino)
Freedom (Richa Deo)
Glore (Nicos Livesey)
Hero’s Journey (Iskander Krayenbosch)
Hummingbird’s Wings (Dustin Grella)
I’ll Be Home (Justin Schroepfer)
I’m Busy (Carmel Gatchalian)
If the Cuckoo Don’t Crow (Steve Kirby)
Insight (Kim Laughton)
Just Like Today (Isabella Olaguera)
Light (Stpehen Ong)
Money (Mimi Leung)
Movie Phone Super Call (Burger Fiction)
New York City (Aaron Crume)
The Other Side of the Mirror (Jane Maloney)
People of Nowhere (Lior Sperandeo)
Poetry Perception (Caitlin Craggs)
Sartre’s Cookbook (Bailey Tillman, Tyler Aldous, Josh Palmquist)
Siamese Brutality (Winston Hacking)
Siliconscious (Kim Laughton)
Sorry (Olivia Malesco)
Sport in the Land of Plenty (Matt Reynolds)
Thunder Mountain Monument (Janet Bayliss)
Trick or Treat (Sarah Takash)
Tunnel (Nick Haaf)
Water and the Path of Life (Abi Karl, et al.)
What the Wings Bring (Deb Wallwork)

FFF16 Screening Schedule Announced

FFF16Myferalheart1The complete screening schedule for the 2016 Fargo Film Festival can now be viewed below. Please note that films, start times, and locations are subject to change. 

A link to a PDF of the complete glossy program can be found here.

Tuesday, March 15
Theatre #1
2:00 The Beak
2:10  53:1
2:20 Hit and Run
2:25 Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator
2:40 The Cart
2:45 Mother’s Day
2:55 Lucky Numbers
3:05 Sleeping Wonder
3:15 Ritual of Happiness
3:35 My Spicy Grandma
3:50 Wasteworld
4:00 Where We Stand
4:20 The Champ
7:00 Lost Conquest
Wednesday, March 16
Morning Theatre #1
10:00 Sea Child
10:10 Ironhead
10:20 Wade Krause: Pinball Artist
10:35 In Transit
Morning Theatre #2
10:00 A Certain Kind of Light
10:35 Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
Afternoon Theatre #1  
1:30 Chad Gadya
1:35 Don’t Touch Me
1:50 Man Under the Moon
1:55 Kaleidoscope
2:00 Birthday
2:10 Long Way Down
2:20 Jacob Stone
2:40 Welcome (NS)
3:20 Open Roads
3:35 Without
3:55 Two Films About Loneliness
4:00 Not a Stranger
4:15 Selling Out
4:30 3000
Afternoon Theatre #2
1:30 Embers
3:15 Mount Lawrence
Evening Theatre #1
7:00 Team Work
7:25  The Sabbatical
Thursday, March 17
Morning Theatre #1
10:00 The Discovery of Alan Hindley
10:05 A Night in the Show
10:25 Percussion
10:45 Schoolcraft
11:00 Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker
Morning Theatre #2
10:00 The Daughter of Captain Nemo
10:05 The Fallow Land
10:10 Ruins of Time
10:20 STREAM – Explore the Unseen
10:25 Pulling Up Roots
10:35 Simon
11:00 Bracken Rain
10:25 Eggplant
11:35 Starman
Afternoon Theatre #1
1:30 Blue
1:35 A Heart Remembers 
2:00 One Smart Fellow
2:45 Welcome (Student)
3:10 Boys Toys
3:15 Texting: A Love Story
3:25 What’s Eating Dad?
3:35 The Power of Poo
3:45 Bed Bugs and Company
4:00 Cops & Robbers
4:10 Team Work
4:25 The House Is Innocent
4:35 Rapunzel’s Etymology of Zero
Afternoon Theatre #2
1:30 Buried Above Ground
3:15 Keep in Touch
Evening Theatre #1
7:00 Lesley the Ponty Has an A+ Day
7:05 The Goodbye
7:30 Black and Blue
8:00 Gooners
8:25 The Future Perfect
8:35 Meat
Friday, March 18
Morning Theatre #1
10:00 Dance of the Neurons
10:05 Light Years
10:10 Heartbreak and Beauty
10:25 Identity
10:35 The Dinkytown Uprising
Morning Theatre #2
10:00 Alternate
10:05 Winter’s Journey
10:30 Songs My Brothers Taught Me
Afternoon Theatre #1
1:30 Malady
3:30 Wildlike
Afternoon Theatre #2
1:30 Animal Landscape
1:35 The Hermit
2:00 The Maze
3:00 Jewish Blind Date
3:15 The Bench
3:20 Smut
3:30 Small People with Hats
3:40 Invisible
4:15 The Cut
4:20 On the Wrong Side
Evening Theatre #1
7:00 Welcome to Leith
9:45 2-Minute Movie Contest
Saturday, March 19
Morning Theatre #1
9:45   Life and Times
10:10 A Perfect Record
10:30 The Summer Help
Morning Theatre #2
10:00 The Beak
10:10 American Renaissance
10:20 Cops & Robbers
10:30 A Walk in Winter
10:45 Jackdaw
11:00 The Good Father
11:30 Hit Me
11:40 The Caper
Afternoon Theatre #1 
1:30 Of Shadows and Wings
1:45 Double-Blind No. 1
1:50 The House Is Innocent
2:00 Family Unit
2:25 Chad Gadya
2:30 Zero
3:15 Supermoto
Afternoon Theatre #2
1:30 Virgin Mountain
3:15 Beverly 
3:40 Big Voice
Evening Theatre #1
7:00 Presentation of the Margie Bailly Volunteer Spirit Award to Brittney Goodman
7:10 2-Minute Movie Contest Winner
        The Casebook of Nips & Porkington 
7:15 Olilo
7:20 The Champion
7:45 My Feral Heart

FFF16 Features Thursday Evening Short Film Showcase

FFF16Goodbyepair1The Fargo Film Festival is proud to announce that the evening showcase for Thursday, March 17, 2016 will be a collection of acclaimed short films. The diverse lineup of shorts will include an animated comedy, a sci-fi drama, and an amusing documentary focused on wildly devoted NYC soccer fans.

Immediately following four of the six films scheduled, the audience will have the chance to ask questions of the various artists, including directors, writers and actors, in attendance.  

One of the evening’s highlights will be the regional premiere of the comedic drama “The Goodbye,” starring FM’s own Hugh Kennedy. “The Goodbye” follows a screenwriter struggling to complete a script for a ninja movie when a vibrant and feisty “rom-com” character forces her way out of his imagination and onto his page.

Kennedy and producer Daniel Markowitz will be on hand to speak to the audience after the premiere.

Lost Conquest to Open FFF16

FFF16lostconquest1The Fargo Film Festival is proud to announce Fargo-Moorhead native Mike Scholtz’s documentary “Lost Conquest” as its opening night showcase selection. Shot on location in Minnesota, this charming and thought-provoking film made its world premiere at Independent Film Festival Boston last year.

Since then, the movie has played at festivals across the country, including the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. Scholtz describes the film as a “deconstructionist documentary that tackles the eternal question of why we believe the things we believe. With swords.” 

“Lost Conquest” explores the legend of an ancient Viking conquest of Minnesota, including the mysterious Kensington Runestone. Are the stories true or has Minnesota fallen victim to one of the greatest practical jokes of all time? Interviews with true believers, academics, skeptics, and Viking culture enthusiasts depict this decades-old debate with humor and healthy doses of Midwestern pride.

“Scholtz is able to craft a new image, not of village idiots rambling nonsensically, but people trying to figure out their place in the world.” — Next Projection

“Lost Conquest is a rarity — a film that is actually able to sneak an important idea into a group that might not otherwise consider it, while still being tremendously entertaining.” — eFilmCritic.com

“Lost Conquest” will screen at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15 at the Fargo Theatre. Director Mike Scholtz and several of the film’s subjects will answer questions from the audience following the movie.

Tickets and Fargo Film Festival passes go on sale on Monday, February 29 exclusively at the Fargo Theatre box office.

Special Night of the Living Dead Screening Celebrates Ted Larson Award Recipient George A. Romero

FFF16notldlobbycard1The Fargo Theatre Classic Film Series and the Fargo Film Festival are excited to present a very special screening of FFF16 Ted Larson Award recipient George A. Romero’s masterpiece “Night of the Living Dead.”

The legendary zombie film will be shown on Friday, March 11, 2016 at 10 p.m. at the Fargo Theatre, and admission is only five dollars.

To celebrate Mr. Romero’s acceptance of the Ted M. Larson Award, doors will open at 9:30 p.m. for a ZOMBIE COSTUME CONTEST. The winner will receive an autographed photo of Mr. Romero.

To all contestants and ghouls, it is imperative that you help us to protect the Fargo Theatre. All blood, guts, and gore must remain on your person and be dry to the touch to enter the historic building.

George A. Romero Receives FFF16 Ted M. Larson Award

FFF16Romero1Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero has been selected to receive the 2016 Ted M. Larson Award from the Fargo Film Festival. Mr. Romero regrets that he is unable to travel to Fargo to be with us in person, but he will share some thoughts and reflections via video.

An undisputed master of horror, Romero changed the landscape of American cinema forever with his signature combination of social satire, dark humor, and of course, flesh-eating zombies.

With 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead,” Romero introduced himself as an exciting new filmmaker with a gift for tapping into an audience’s darkest fears and deep-seated anxieties. His undisputed place as the “Grandfather of Zombies” was secured with 1978’s “Dawn of the Dead.” This comical and utterly terrifying examination of consumer culture run amok is considered by many critics to be among the greatest horror films of all time.

Committed to the role of independent filmmaker, Romero found great success outside the Hollywood machine. His films, including “The Crazies,” “Martin,” “Knightriders,” “Creepshow,” “Day of the Dead,” “Monkey Shines,” “The Dark Half,” “Land of the Dead,” and many others bear his trademark style and wit. Romero infused zombies into mainstream American pop culture and his work has spawned countless imitations and homages throughout the last five decades.

A pioneer, an artist, an auteur, and icon — the Fargo Film Festival celebrates the remarkable career of George A. Romero with our highest honor, the Ted. M Larson Award.

FFF16 Invited Films Announced

FFF16dinkytown1The Fargo Film Festival is proud to announce our official program of invited films for 2016. Congratulations to this outstanding group of moviemakers.

Invited Films
The Dinkytown Uprising (Al Milgrom)

A Heart Remembers (Dawn Duncan)

A Perfect Record (Greg Carlson and Tucker Lucas)

Supermoto (Joe Maggio)

Welcome to Leith at FFF16

FFF16welcometoleithpressrelease1The Fargo Film Festival is proud to announce a showcase screening of the award-winning documentary “Welcome to Leith,” shot on location in North Dakota.

After premiering at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the
Documentary Grand Jury Prize, “Welcome to Leith” launched an incredible run on the
festival circuit, screening in the most prestigious events across the globe.  The film also enjoyed a successful limited theatrical release in the United States.  Acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, “Welcome to Leith” is “a gripping you-are-there portrait of a community under siege.” (Variety)

“Welcome to Leith” chronicles the attempted takeover of a small North Dakota town by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb. As his behavior becomes more threatening, tensions soar, and the residents desperately look for ways to expel their unwanted neighbor.  With incredible access to both longtime residents of Leith and white supremacists, the film examines a small plains community struggling for sovereignty against an extremist vision.

“Haunting…a stunning portrait of First Amendment rights pushed to their extremes.”—Indiewire

“…more like a taut Hollywood thriller than a documentary… a nail-biter from start to
finish.”—The Hollywood Reporter

“…couldn’t be more timely or essential.”—LA Times

“Welcome to Leith” will screen at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 18 at the Fargo Theatre.  Directors Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher K. Walker will share some conversation with the audience following the screening.  Tickets and Fargo Film Festival passes go on sale Monday, February 29 exclusively at the Fargo Theatre box office.